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  • DOPO*HOE (Russia, Barnaul 88,3 FM)
  • Monte-Carlo (Kazakhstan, Almaty 104,0 FM)
  • Gyusyabu Retro Game Music (Japan, Osaka ?? FM)


Retro-styled more-than-a-webring.


  • I want to be on this webring!
    • 1. Add a navigation widget on your website: <script src="https://98webring.000webhostapp.com/98webring.js"></script>
    • 2. Send a message on our email - check "How to contact you?" section - with your website adress
    • 3. Wait a bit, it will appear on webring ASAP :)
  • I don't have a website!
  • How to contact you?
    • Email: immz21.r3d ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com
    • Discord server: in progress
    • Discord DM: JustKenux#6262
  • I have some content that you should add!
    • That's great! Send us your banners, fanlistings and other stuff and we will add it! (For contacts, check "How to contact you?" section.)
Cool websites
https://irony-machine.neocities.org/ https://hotlinecafe.neocities.org/
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